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A Dream Career

July 8th, 2009

Jacquelin Carnegie writes: It is a dream career, apart from the low pay. I don’t find it lonely at all. In fact, I liked it better in years past when magazines had budgets and you could organize your own trips of discovery and hand in the expense report and get reimbursed for truly exploring a place - an itinerary that you painstakingly researched, planned and embarked on on your own.
Nowadays, any magazines left don’t cover expenses (and websites certainly don’t), so you are forced to go on organized press trips, often with inflexible itineraries, and a mixed bag of other journalists.
You are lucky if the itinerary is well-planned and actually includes things you can write about. You are even luckier if the other jurnos are a nice group. If they are not, you are in for an awful week of group dynamics that overshadows any of the sights.
On a group trip, you usually get the good, the bad & the unexpected. The good-you make a new friend. The bad-one annoying person drives everybody insane. The unexpected-you visit a place or see a site you never would have discovered on your own that blows your mind.
Here’s a piece I wrote that I wish every travel pr or tourism board media-relations person would read: Tips for Making Group Trips Great -
Jacquelin Carnegie,,

Dream Job!

June 3rd, 2009

Travel Writing’s a Dream Job, All Right

When Sarah Farrell of the New York Times interviewed me many moons ago, she asked, “Do you know you have the dream job of all dream jobs?” and I had to reply, “Yes, of course.”

I have been told that so often by friends and strangers that I have it hammered into my head. The reasons are obvious: every thinking person likes to travel, either to discover something about the world or something about himself or herself. Ideally, you’ll learn about the world and yourself, of course.

And to get paid to travel, as most people put it, must be the best job ever.

But the drawbacks are great:

1. You don’t get paid much, most of the time. So you don’t get rich as some of your friends do.

2. You usually travel alone, without family, friends or loved ones. When you want to turn to someone and say, “Isn’t this great?”, there’s nobody there. And sometimes, the people you leave behind can’t keep on waiting for you. Family life definitely suffers as a result, because your loved ones often complain “you’re never here, you’re always off somewhere!”

The moral of this story: If you don’t mind being alone a lot, it’s a dream job, all right

Note: I hope to encourage a little discussion here on the good and bad of the travel writer’s life and problems within the community of travel journalists, bloggers and memoirists. Also to address some of the travel industry’s problems and attitudes.

Please feel free to send me your comments, which I will repeat here for others to see. My email is

Bob Haru Fisher

June 3rd, 2009

Bob Haru is the pen name of Bob Fisher,¬†one of America’s longest-serving travel writers. In addition to writing three columns for, he is a contributing editor there.

Hello world!

June 3rd, 2009

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